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12th July 2012
written by admin
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Alura Jenson is another hardcore web-site dedicated fully to famous porn star. What makes this porn site stand from the crowd is that its owner – Alura Jenson has a dominant attitude. This ripe babe is absolutely awesome, she really loves experimenting and finding new and inexperienced ways of getting lots of pleasure. What Alura Jenson loves most of all, is smothering her sex partners with her nice large breasts and juicy buttocks. She finds herself a hot looking guys and girls, puts a leather mask on their heads, chains his arms and legs and takes full control over her slaves. Alura Jenson enjoys teasing her sex partners; she teases their dicks and pussies really hard indeed. Alura Jenson getting her juicy pussy fucked as well, so she invites very different dudes, even shemales, spreads her legs wide and gets pussy absolutely wrecked with large and stiff cocks. Sometimes, Alura’s friends join the action and help Alura tease another poor male or female. To be honest, it looks like Alura Jenson loves absolutely any kind of hardcore sex.
Site’s free tour makes a good impression; it includes tons of preview pictures along with large text descriptions of the whole action. But of course, to enjoy the full action, you better get an instant access to the member’s area. Site’s member’s area is stuffed full of juicy content. Apparently, there a lot of picture galleries, of about 250 photos each and more than 20 full movies for you to enjoy. Pictures and videos are presented in great quality. Site’s video content is available in three formats: WMV, MP4 and Flash and there are no download restrictions of what so ever.
If you love bonuses, Alura Jenson has got some for you. As a huge bonus, all members get an instant access to the Pornstar Platinum network, with more than 20 other sites, like Angelina Nina Elle, Amy Brooke and Tiffany Tyler. Members may also use the site’s blog and watch good-looking recorded webcam shows with the star of the show – Alura Jenson, her sexy girlfriends and hot slaves.

Examples: Alura and Her Boy Toy | Lezdom Teaching | Footfetish POV

14th June 2012
written by admin
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The land of the rising sun is known for bringing us the weirdest and wildest fetishes. When it comes to porn, nothing seems to be forbidden there. And its from Asia that comes this game called Let’s Play Dirty Sports. It’s a cute name for cute but kinky content. It features young Japanese girls playing sports and games, but always naked. Their sports of choice range from regular P.E. class activities to jogging, playing tennis, swimming, practicing yoga and all-girls wrestling. All completely naked, of course.
But they don’t stop at regular sports, featuring also some Japanese game-show style games. In one of them, for example, there is a competition to check out which team can fit the biggest number of naked girls inside a phone booth. It is really interesting to watch their oiled up bodies pressed up against each other and against the glass walls to see who wins. There is also another different type of game these girls play naked, but these aren’t restricted to all-girls teams. Sometimes their teachers, instructors or even the game show hosts decide it’s their time to have some fun. Well, if you had to watch young Asian girls running around naked all day, with their fresh creamy bodies exposed and their boobs jiggling, eventually you would like to get more than just a look too, right?
Although a very specific fetish, who doesn’t love watching young Japanese girls doing physical actives naked? Seeing that creamy skin get sweaty and those boobs bounce as they exercise is always refreshing, so give them a try even if you had never thought about something so specific. Besides, when you sign up for their website, you get access to several other niche websites, with a huge assortment of unique content. With so much content, you might even find a new fetish or two.

11th June 2012
written by admin
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Slaves in Control is all about Female Domination. Just one look at their free tour and you can notice that their Dominas are gorgeous and fierce looking women, who seem to love what they do. The twist in Slaves in Control is that these Mistresses are greedy and not satisfied by just playing with one dirty slave, instead taking a couple each time. That is when the Mistress starts having her fun, forcing her two slaves to do all sorts of things to each other.
The Dominas at are creative when it comes with toying with their playthings. The acts they force upon their little bitches go from making them suck and fuck each other to intense humiliation, like making one slave whip the other or making them both eat from bowls of dog food. There are also some pretty good foot fetish scenes too, as the Mistress are always in high heels made for being licked, adored and used as weapons to punish disobeying slaves.
All the scenes on Slaves in Control seem to be well thought, with good ambience and great sets. And just so you don’t miss out on anything on each scene (especially how good looking those fierce Dominas are) all videos and pictures are in high res.
They say the more the merrier, and this sure is the case at Apparently their Dominas have so much creativity that just one slave isn’t enough. It is also the perfect option for those who enjoy beautiful, powerful women and love watching them have their way with both boys and girls. The Mistresses at Slaves in Control sure know how to keep both sides under control.

Examples: Submissive Couple | Trained Male and Female Slaves | Strapon Humiliation and Pleasure


Strapon Humiliation and Pleasure

Sub teen couple humiliated and straponed.

10th June 2012
written by admin
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Couple Domination has a very interesting concept: couples who like to dominate male bottoms together.  If you are the type that has a hard time choosing which side of domination you like best, is perfect. When talking about domination, it’s common to see people bickering about which gender makes the best tops. But on this website, they are in perfect synch. After all, they are couples that know each other and work together perfectly well for one single goal: humiliating, torturing, dominating males. And for that they’ll use every tool they can, like toys, strap ons and forcing their slaves to crossdress.
You can see it even on the tour that the people at Couple Domination are anything but shy.  There is plenty of man on man action as well as woman on man.  But what they do best is, for sure, when they team up. Things like the Mistress fucking their slave in the ass with a strap on while the Master forces him to suck his cock. Or making the slave lick the fresh cum off the Mistress pussy after the Master was done. It is an interesting contrast to see both Master and Mistress being even tender and gentle to each other sometimes, kissing passionately as they ravage their slave ruthlessly.
There is some undeniable chemistry between the Tops. In one of their preview videos, the one with the guy stuck in a cabinet, for a second I thought I was spying on a regular couple having regular sex in the privacy of their homes. That, of course, until they dragged their poor slave out and had their way with him. Still, even with that intimate feel their material has, all videos and pictures are in high-res.

Examples: Forced Bi Sissy | Dominant Couple | Mistress and Master

8th June 2012
written by admin
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If you love femdom, SubbyHubby is perfect for you. Not only they feature high quality material of girlfriends and wives putting men in their places, their material also has such a huge range it’s amazing. If it is a sub-niche of femdom, it for sure will be there.
If I needed to write about all the features on Subby Hubby, I’d have to write a book about it.  They have all kinds of humiliation practices, from small penis humiliation to financial domination.  These gorgeous women are very efficient at putting men where they belong – on their knees! They know how powerful they are, engaging in body worship and foot domination.  But as heartless as they can be, they also want their men to make good slaves, so they give them all sorts of training. Sissy maid training, sexual slavery, masturbation instructions and orgasm denial, they give them the full course.  And if they fail somewhere along their journey, these powerful domes make sure to humiliate them and put them in their place.
The hot and fierce women at SubbyHubby also teach their little bitches how to play with other men.  No sissy maid training is complete without complete cross dressing and making their little pets on some hard cocks.  And sometimes, the best way to teach your worthless slave how a real woman deals with a man is by making him watch – and participate! – in cuckold sessions.  If having to drink another man’s jizz from her pussy won’t teach him, he’s a lost case.
So Subby Hubby is your best stop for femdom. Not only the women there are gorgeous, but they know how to do their parts very well. The material is high quality, as those gorgeous women deserve to be seen in full detail. And the huge assortments of fetishes covered by SubbyHubby never ceases to amaze me, there is something there for everyone. Just a look at their free tour is enough to make you beg for more.

4th June 2012
written by admin
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Muscle girls are extremely hot and you’d better watch out as their bodies long for carnal pleasures that you might not bear! Strong and powerful their shapes can squeeze any male in tight embraces making them remember the love hug for quite a long time! You will be delighted to get inside those buff girls and enjoy the hammering as they will inevitably take part in the action and ride your dong like mad female horseman. Gaze at the big clits teased by the dominant females and dream of days when you will have the chance to entertain yourself with nude muscle women. Female Muscle PornStars is the only really worthy place with astounding nude female bodybuilders seeking for conformable males to ram their warm wet cavities! Be the one to try your luck as the ladies can’t resist temptation rising in their female muscled bodies and all they need is treating men like a fuck toy in their strong hands willing to grab a cock and give it a fine jerking.

2nd June 2012
written by admin
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Males beware the wicked femdom madness with hot Goddesses in mouthwatering leather clothing with whiplashes and toys that you will never forget once they penetrate your raunchy soul. Fancy the bitches surrounding the throbbing tool of yours with obvious desire to make you feel the painful pleasure just the one a real slave should feel when his mistress demands satisfaction. Here you can enter the lands of embarrassment and confusion that will remain in the nasty memory of yours for a long time. Once you let the maids take over the power you are doomed to obey the shameless orders ‘cause if you don’t you will find out what a real pain is. Members are offered tons of femdom stuff with uncensored pleasures leading to inevitable satisfaction with babes struggling to make you cum again and again just don’t irritate the mistresses and you will most probably be allowed to touched the tender female flesh. Frequent updates are offering indescribable female domination sexual experience to every humble male slave.

1st December 2011
written by admin
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DungeonWitches lets you inside the dark and secret chambers of really hardcore, cruel and brutal tortures sex. Site’s content makes a great impression on every single visitor, I’m absolutely convinced, that some of you haven’t seen anything like this before. Strong men at Dungeon Witches love getting their ladies down the dark and smelly basements, chaining them up and getting their delicious bodies tortured like never before. They always find new and unknown ways of making their slaves scream of huge pain and unbelievable pleasure. Stunning and innocent-looking women at Inquisition World get tortured, humiliated and fucked with massive dildos and penises; they scream incredibly loud and get fucked even harder.
Dungeon Witches lets all the visitors enjoy its large and breathtaking free tour, where you will find tons of juicy preview pictures of yummy ladies getting tortured, before stepping inside the member’s area and enjoying full-length videos and photos in awesome high resolution.

24th October 2011
written by admin
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It is really hard to miss such a stylish and great looking femdom website – Kinky Mistresses. It is all about female domination and male submission but it looks quite outstanding comparing to other classic femdom sites. Kinky Mistresses definitely deserves to be explored if you are curious and perverted just as these ladies!
Actually everything that you can find inside the memberzone could be well beyond your expectations. There are tons of videos and all of them are presented in the real HD quality and that is definitely a great advantage. The variety of scenes is also amazing and these videos won’t make you bored for a long time. Here is only several of hundreds kinky videos available for subscribed users. First one is dedicated to interracial facesitting and features black and white ladies who smother helpless male slave wrapped in plastics. Second one is concentrated around milking fetish. Stunning lady in sexy leather outfit plays with erected cock of her slave boy and tries to drain his balls using her naughty milking device. Another marvelous femdom clip is about ass play and strapon fucking taken to the extreme. Busty and definitely overexcited domme drills submissive bum of her slave in a hard way using her monstrous strapon dildo! Of course there are many more exciting femdom scenes and each of them looks great.
Kinky Mistresses can be recommended without any hesitations. There are not that many femdom sites of that quality around and for 29.95 per month you will get not only full access to enormous video archive but also will enjoy frequent updates that come out each week!

20th June 2011
written by admin
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They are strong, naughty and big clitted. They are used to numerous cameras spying over them everywhere. They consider their own bodies to be perfect instruments that need constant training and workout. Hot and boisterous nude female bodybuilders will blow up your mind as soon as you enter the realm of strong babes with perfect muscular bodies!
Be prepared for tons of extremely dirty tricks and wild encounters because nude muscle girls are used of expressing their desires without any restrictions. When you look at all those tight butts and shapely legs, flat bellies and big clits you suddenly feel like returning to the native where male and females were fighting for survival side by side and only the strongest survivals had the chance having sex to triumph over danger and hardship.
Take the risk and wake the wild animal dosing inside you be taking a whole tour into the kingdom of muscle females. Only then you will be able to realize what kind of male you are and what dirty carnal games you find really enjoyable.

Examples: Hot and Muscular | Beautiful Muscle Women | Bigclitted Buff Bunnies

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