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20th January 2017
written by admin
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As the title itself says, Dream Tranny has only the best of shemales photos and videos.
With more than 200+ high quality videos, this tranny porn site will blow your mind. Each one of those videos lasts about 30 minutes and you can watch them online with no problem. If you prefer having them for yourself, you can also download them, there are no limitations. Almost all videos are in a few MP4 formats, but every video in excellent quality.
If you are more up for looking at these hot trannies on photos, there is also about 300 photo sets you can browse through and download as a zip file.
There you have stories or juicy descriptions of videos waiting for you to read them. Let your imagination do the rest. And of course, members can left their comments and rate videos.
All this is available for only $19.99 per month, and there are some nice offers if you want to pay for more months in advance.
Examples: Tranny Forced and Fucked | Beautiful Tranny Porn | Tranny Double Penetration

31st October 2016
written by admin
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As I open the tour part of Patients Revenge, the first thing I notice is: wow, this website looks GOOD. But it isn’t just a good piece of webdesign. The women featured are absolutely crazy. It seems that Patients Revenge pays extra attention to madness. The women are insane and always very cruel, the settings for the videos are always well thought and even the tour videos are in high quality. Inside member area videos are in 4K quality! That attention to detail by itself already gives a great atmosphere to their material. One special scene from their tour – Total Ruin is particularly striking.
Another feature that draws you attention is that their dominant babes are exciting and gorgeous, but that doesn’t make them any less fierce or powerful. They are in charge and they know it, and they know fully well how to treat a man. But then again, I guess being a sadistic woman is all about power.
A lot of different fetishes are covered at Patients Revenge. The women are often wearing latex and high heels, so expect a lot of foot worship, trampling and foot domination. The foot fetish doesn’t stop at women in high heels though, as there are plenty of bare feet as well.
The women at Patients Revenge are experts how to get the upper hand over men. They are ruthless, and when they punish a slave, you can see they aren’t playing around. No fake little slaps here, when they meant to hurt, they do it. They get sexual revenge on men with blackmail, ass smothering, ass feedings, ballbusting and others femdom tricks. And by the way it looks, these women can handle a fake penis much better than some guys can do with their real ones.
Often, when looking at fetish material on the internet, the videos that look gritty and in low quality seem more real than the high-res ones. It’s not the case on Patients Revenge. Not only their website and material looks great, it’s also as real as it gets. The cruel Dominas seem to love doing what they do best: putting men on their knees.

18th October 2016
written by admin
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If you are into female domination and there’s nothing more arousing for you, then you should definitely check out the Club Stiletto website. This website will most certainly cater to your needs as it has the biggest proposition of femdom fetish videos. This website has definitely exceeded expectations as it provides a wide variety of femdom niches, teasing and golden shower, trampling and foot worship, strapons and pony play. However, this is not all as they offer much more interesting things that you can do. Their members can enjoy blog, femdom videos as mentioned, they can rate mistresses and scenes, and off course write comments and read others members.
The design of the website is user friendly and navigation is really easy. The videos are in high definition which makes watching all that more enjoyable. These hot dominant ladies are enticing and rootless. Whether you’re into teasing and humiliating ladies in sexy leather outfits or corporal punishments, there’s no doubt that this website will satisfy your hunger. It’s designed to help you express your fetish freely and it gives loads of options that members can freely use. Also, they update their video collection regularly which gives the members an opportunity to see something fresh and enjoy truly inspiring videos of various femdom fetishes.

29th January 2015
written by admin
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Asia has a lot to offer, and this time they have the hot Ladyboys on their list. These sexy shemale models are all from Asia and are as sweet as they look. The most important part is the membership fee, which is only $35.99 per month, which will unlock the doors to a great treasure.
As a member, you get to browse through their video data base, that contains more than 2472 videos, with each of those videos lasting about 10 minutes. Downloading or streaming, that is totally your choice, because you can do whatever you please.
Besides that, there is a photo gallery where you can get lost and download all HQ photos you like as one zip file. After you are done with them, there are other sections to sniff through, such as Friends Galleries, Message Board and Model Index, where you can see the info about your favorite stars.
With the easy navigation, exclusive content of amateur and professional Asian shemale models and great price, it isn’t hard to see why they have 4.3 as average grade.

Examples: Boobs and Stiffy | Foxy Asian Shemale | Skinny Ladyboy

27th January 2015
written by admin
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If you like to have fun with both genders, having the best of each one, here is the site you should definitely visit. The TGirl Pass is the site that has the greatest variety of amateur crossdressing models from U.K, hundreds of them to be precise, to offer to its members. For this pleasure you have three options- one is a monthly membership that will cost you $ 29.95 for one month, then $24.95 every 30 days.
And for this amount of money, here is what you get. There are more than 220 videos waiting for you in their gallery. Each of those movies lasts about 16 minutes on average, and you can also both download them and stream them with no limitations and restrictions, in various formats and resolutions.
If you are more photo type of a person, and you like to dedicate your attention to all details and have enough time for that, there is more than 856 photo galleries at your disposal.
You can rate content and add comments on photos and videos. Also there are Friends Galleries.

25th January 2015
written by admin
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As you can already assume, Tranny Access is a shemale porn network that gives their members access to six different tranny sites. Can it get better than that? Sure! With their crazy discounts you can become a member for only $24.95 for a month, $49.95 for 3 month period and for $74.95 for half of a year.
The first thing you want to do is explore their video data base. They have more than 200 episodes, with each of them lasting about 20 minutes. If you want to save it on your computer and enjoy later, there are no restrictions and they come in variety of formats you can chose from.
Then, there is the photo gallery, that contains about 200 sets, with 180 photos in each of them. Since they are HQ, they made it easier by enabling download as one zip file. And Model Index will help you get the info about them.
With everything they have to offer to their members, and overall impression about the site navigation and content, they are proud to have average grade 4.0 out of 5.

Examples: Shemales Bareback Guy | Bisexual Orgy | Solo Shemale

25th January 2015
written by admin
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Seeing a shemale playing with her tool, with her legs spread, is something one simply can’t miss. The best place to find some of these hot actions is of course Shemale Strokers dot com.
If you want to become their member, you can do that for only $29.95 for a 30 day period. There are also options to pay for several months in advance.
While there, you can browse through their extensive data base, that contains about 530 videos. Each of them come in high definition and are available for both download and stream without any limits. Next to that you have about 530 galleries, with around 50 photos per gallery, which is more than enough to satisfy your lust. Great thing about these photos is that they can be downloaded zipped.
If all of this didn’t get your attention enough to sign up, have in mind that along with the membership come also some bonus sites you can explore.
For what they have to offer, which is exclusive content of hot shemales in dirty actions, the average score of 2.8 seems to be a bit low.
Examples: Black TS Goddess | Shemale Strip-Tease | Tattooed Tranny

25th January 2015
written by admin
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Watching two girls with big boobs in action is arousing, but watching two shemales licking dicks and playing with tits is even better. Here is the place where your search ends and where shemales set the standards with looks and actions. They are both glamorous and very passionate. After you see the latest discount for a membership fee, which is only $14.95 per month, you’ll thing you’re in heaven. But, when you see that it includes 17 bonus sites, you’ll be more than excited and thrilled.
With their video data base that includes 473 videos of hot 23 minute action, this site guarantees a great time while you sit in the dark room all alone.
Also, there is a photo gallery with almost 300 sets, that each contain 45 pictures, and they are all in high quality. Extras like Model Index and Blog will only make you even higher.
The navigating through the site is more than easy, because it is done nicely and design is simple. With an average score of 4.1 out of 5, we think they deserve more for what they can give.

Examples: Ripe Dominant Tranny | Beautiful Shemale | Gigantic Dick

24th January 2015
written by admin
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From the moment you get the chance to see Tranny Pack dot com, you’ll forget about all the other sites out there. With an exclusive content they offer, as well as membership on discount that comes for only $24.99 per month, you’ll be more than pleased with what they offer.
First of all, there are more than 564 videos that come in high quality and various formats, and can be either downloaded or streamed, you’ll enjoy in each of them. You know all the things you can experience in 17 minutes, which is their average duration. Also, you have those videos sorted by their main property, such as Black Shemale X, TS Latex and others.
Next to that, there are also 564 photo galleries, with each of them containing 145 photos of hot nasty trannies doing their things. The good thing is you can download them as one zip file and enjoy.
As the member of this site, you also get some bonus sites in the package.
This site has the average rate of 4.8 out of 5, and you can check why they are almost perfect.

Examples: Shemale Screws Guy | Dickgirl Masturbation | Shemale in Pantyhose

23rd January 2015
written by admin
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Pornstars are always the ultimate pleasure, and if you are looking for shemales amongst them, then Shemale Pornstar dot com is the place to be. They have over 150 models, which you can also find in the Model Index.
To begin with, there are more than 620 videos, that last about 10 minutes each. They are available for download or if you prefer watching them online, they can be streamed as well.
You also have the chance to browse through more than 92 635 photos of hot shemale models posing and showing their assets. The best part is, you can download your favorite photos in a zip file.
Other than this, you also have 3rd party Feeds that will also keep you busy, as well as Message Board and Blog that you can visit.
For only $29.99 you can become their member for a month, and if you want it for a longer time period, there are options for 3-moths, 6-months and a whole year membership.
Once you start digging through, you’ll see that rating 4.0 out of 5 is more than fair.

Examples: Shemale Groupsex | Konatsu Satsuki | Adriana Lynn Rush

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