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14th June 2012
written by admin
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The land of the rising sun is known for bringing us the weirdest and wildest fetishes. When it comes to porn, nothing seems to be forbidden there. And its from Asia that comes this game called Let’s Play Dirty Sports. It’s a cute name for cute but kinky content. It features young Japanese girls playing sports and games, but always naked. Their sports of choice range from regular P.E. class activities to jogging, playing tennis, swimming, practicing yoga and all-girls wrestling. All completely naked, of course.
But they don’t stop at regular sports, featuring also some Japanese game-show style games. In one of them, for example, there is a competition to check out which team can fit the biggest number of naked girls inside a phone booth. It is really interesting to watch their oiled up bodies pressed up against each other and against the glass walls to see who wins. There is also another different type of game these girls play naked, but these aren’t restricted to all-girls teams. Sometimes their teachers, instructors or even the game show hosts decide it’s their time to have some fun. Well, if you had to watch young Asian girls running around naked all day, with their fresh creamy bodies exposed and their boobs jiggling, eventually you would like to get more than just a look too, right?
Although a very specific fetish, who doesn’t love watching young Japanese girls doing physical actives naked? Seeing that creamy skin get sweaty and those boobs bounce as they exercise is always refreshing, so give them a try even if you had never thought about something so specific. Besides, when you sign up for their website, you get access to several other niche websites, with a huge assortment of unique content. With so much content, you might even find a new fetish or two.

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