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12th November 2009
written by admin
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This is how our lesbian beauties let off steam when they are excited and feel wild. The catfight can be much more amazing if you put the bitches in a mud bath to compete and they are all eager to strip and fight letting their seductive bodies be messed up in tons mud entertaining the accidentals spectators with fascinating show of mud wrestling. Skinny dames long to have their busty opponents drowned in mud and the event attracts more visitors as they fight covering each other with tons of swampy substance. Slender legs and strong hands won’t let go till one of the nude wrestlers is defeated and abused in a sexual battle with no obvious rules to skip to. The hot chicks seem to be enjoying the event but they won’t let the chance to grab each other by the head and dive it in the pool of mud accompanying the attack with nasty tricks humiliating the weak enemy in all possibly ways to make her beg to stop and let her go. But the wrestling match cannot be stopped that easy, so the dames have to prove their right to be called a winner in the filthy adult lesbian wrestling battle.

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