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8th November 2009
written by admin
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When female sexuality comes in union with something as aggressive and almost animal as catfighting, there is hardly any room left for supporting one of the sides, you are much too involved in the process! Those hot lesbians can get too bitchy over a scrap, and all they need is just a spark to get the fighting flames going – so you can imagine how high the passions can run when a couple of fuckable babes wearing nothing but their nifties start rolling in dirt and trading blows. Huge portions of flesh sneak peeks and other eye candies come in pack when you see those hotties dragging each other by hair, punching and biting. Whoever was the first to say that pain was too close to pleasure was referring to those mouthwatering babes engaged in catfights. Sometimes you cannot really tell the difference between lovemaking and fighting when a couple of busty bombshells get to realize that the ring is not spaceous enough for both of their egos and start wrestling right on the floor before the whistle blows.

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